SBP Candidate Personal Statement:Olivia Bley

SBP Candidate Personal Statement:Olivia Bley

Olivia Bley, Writer

My name is Olivia Bley. This is my fourth year at Westtown, and I am running to be your Student Body President.

I care about this position in particular because I understand the important role and voice an SBP has. This position gives students the power to control their experience at Westtown and decide how they want their community to feel. SBPs are crucial for fostering a community, encouraging the best out of the student body, and being the direct communicators to the faculty. They also are the individuals their peers can turn to for support, encouragement, and receive feedback.

I want to be your SBP because of the qualities I can bring as a leader, my ability to carry out change, and my enthusiasm for the Westtown community. I describe my leadership style as a team builder and collaborative leader. I’ve benefited from Westtown’s leadership training and have practiced leading by example, with an open mind excited about conversation. I try to keep a positive attitude and encouraging vibe for my peers, but I can also balance when it’s time to take serious action. I feel confident in my ability to work with other student leaders, the student body, and connect with the faculty to create the best possible Westtown community.

Over my time at Westtown, I’ve had the opportunity to practice leadership and learn a lot about myself and the community. Being one of this year’s W3 Chief Prefects, a SASH member, a head of MSU, and a Varsity Girls’ Soccer Captain, I was challenged with balancing responsibilities, communicating with other student leaders, and being a part of making changes to cultural and structural aspects. These positions have prepared me for the SBP position by developing relationships with other student leaders and faculty, giving me insight into the inner workings of how to carry out Westtown’s mission, and showing me my strengths as a leader.