SBP Candidate Personal Statement: Otto Hillegass

SBP Candidate Personal Statement: Otto Hillegass

Otto Hillegass, Writer

Undoubtedly, the role of Student Body President is the most coveted in most—if not all—student governments. The SBP is the voice of the students among the higher-ups, and one should not take that responsibility lightly. When tensions between the administration and students are as high as they are, a strong liaison is required. A strong SBP facilitates this partnership and drives both students and administrators to take steps to benefit each other.

With the weight of the position, one must be highly committed. I have that commitment. As a boarding student who lives far from home, I have had an opportunity to observe the school both when it pulses with life and when it falls silent. I’ve seen the joy this school facilitates, but I’ve also seen the hurt it can cause. I’ve seen the people around me grow into trailblazers of a better future and those reluctant to heed the call for progress. These contrasts tear the school apart and pit friend against friend, student against teacher, and the student body against the administration. These asinine divides motivate me to step forward and commit myself to the reduction of their prevalence and impact.

A unique qualification for me is my philosophy of respect. I have had many experiences—both on Westtown’s campus and beyond—that I can explicitly point to as formative moments. These experiences have taught me valuable lessons about respect, humility, generosity, honesty, companionship, love, peace, and community. I’ve taken these lessons and formed a guiding philosophy in my life and actions. For me, respect is universal but appropriately applied. Humanity and character are separate. I would never sacrifice the well-being of anyone, regardless of their morals or ideology.

My promise is this: Should I be selected, I will prioritize the long-term well-being of all students to the degree it deserves, regardless of race, gender, creed, or nationality.