SBP Candidate Personal Statement: Sophie Zebrowski

SBP Candidate Personal Statement: Sophie Zebrowski

Sophie Zebrowski, Writer

To me, the position of SBP is more than just planning events and leading collections. The role of SBP is one that represents the Westtown community and brings it together as one. The Quaker belief that there is “that of God in everyone” is something that I will use in my time as SBP and will strive to make everyone feel represented and a sense of belonging, making their time at Westtown the best it can possibly be.


  • Current W3 Chief Prefect
  • JSU Head
  • Ambassador
  • Planned Westtown’s first homecoming
  • Head planner at previous school of all school events
  • Class officer at previous school


  • Organization
  • Public speaking
  • Ambition
  • Fundraising
  • Communication with adults
  • Communication with student
  • Group work


  • Create an environment where EVERY student feels heard and appreciated
  • Reduce the separation between day and boarding students
  • Monitor the needs of the student body and be a liaison between faculty and students
  • Advocate and establish a better system for mental health support
  • Create an environment that students enjoy being in (ex. more communal spaces, areas that fit the needs of all students, etc.)
  • Host more events that would allow for bringing the community together
  • Find new ways to support the student leaders
  • Support the freshman with the big transition from middle to upper school
  • Support incoming students by having more events at the beginning of the school year
  • Work with T. DeVon to help with Equity, Justice, and Belonging
  • Support athletes by finding ways to create more academic support after missing classes
  • Listen to ALL feedback received and work with it accordingly to make the school feel like a safe place for every student
  • Work with student leaders and committees as needed

If elected, I, Sophie Zebrowski will serve our Westtown community to the best of my ability and promise to take into consideration the needs of every individual, both faculty and student, and strive to make Westtown a place where everyone belongs.