Girls Lacrosse Season Preview


Muhammed Abdul Azeez '23, Editor

Westtown School’s Girls Varsity Lacrosse season is underway as the Spring Season has begun. This will be Westtown’s 39th Girls Lacrosse season since they were one of the inaugural teams in 1982. In those 40 years, the team has won two FSL Championships, one in 2000 and the other in 2004. This season the team will be led by coaches Jen Raech, the Head Coach, with Kristen Makatche and Lizzy Oxler as Assistant Coaches, all of whom would like to add on to previous success in the upcoming season. There are plenty of new players, some who played in middle school, and those that are new to the sport.

Throughout the winter training season, the team has undergone rigorous training in preparation for the upcoming season. One player, Mia-Simone Roberts, said that she was looking forward to showing “people what we’ve been working on during the winter co-curricular.” The girls’ lacrosse team has spent time building chemistry and honing in on their skills. Their season has begun with consistent practices leading up to their first game on April 8th, against rivals Shipley, a game that Roberts remarked she was looking forward to. Other notable games are against ANC on April 12 and George School on April 21. Westtown will play the current FSL champs GFS, on May 3, winning that game against a great team would help Grace Rhile’s ‘23 Captain, ambitions to “make it to the top bracket instead of the lower bracket”, in the FSL playoffs.

Chemistry is paramount to a team’s performance, and the Girl’s Varsity Lacrosse team has built a sense of camaraderie going into the season with new players. The team would like to improve from their previous season, which saw them go to the Quaker Cup Championship. Laura McDonough ‘22 Captain, remarks that one of the team strengths is “everybody there . . . really cares about the team and I think that’s the best part.” McDonough said. The girls have a great bond, encouraging each other during drills and lifts, playing music, and having fun on the bus. “[There] is a lot of new energy and I’m just excited,” said Rhile commenting on how she feels going into the season.

A great season of Lacrosse is on the horizon with new players, goals to be scored, games to be won, and plenty of fun to be had. Make sure you show up to the games! Go GLAX and Go ‘Town!